San Francisco real estate brokers show off their offices
April 26, 2012
By: Jeff Hughes

One of real estate’s premier maxims is location, location, location. Brokerage firms in San Francisco are no less subject to the location tyrant than the clients they represent.

The San Francisco Business Times did an informal survey of some of the leading brokerages in the city to ask what their space says about them. ...

“150 California is a great location with a big parking lot," says Steve Barker, executive vice president and branch manager of Studley Inc., which is at 150 California St., 14th floor, in San Francisco. "It’s one of the newer and nicer buildings in the financial district and conveys the professionalism required in the industry. Our floor has four big meeting rooms in each of the corners, one reserved as a fun relaxing room, with smaller rooms for private conversations and meetings. The rest of the floor is open cubes, which gives a ‘competitive advantage’ allowing the free flow of real-time information. It’s a collaborative environment. We have fun and we all work together.” ...

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