School Days
August 26, 2010

... Remember when school didn’t start until after Labor Day? You don’t? Oh, well, we’re not old enough to remember, either. But one thing that hasn't changed, even in the Internet Age: Schools still need physical facilities. Which means they also need real estate advice. For Studley’s Tim Foley, left, recently promoted to managing director, working in the firm’s Education Practice Group was a natural. Instead of taking his finance degree from Georgetown straight to the money world, he spent two years in Belize teaching 8- to 10-year olds. When he came back to DC, representing educational institutions as they worked out real estate strategies was an intriguing way to stay in touch. Bill Quinby, center, is head of the Education Practice Group; David Cornbrooks, right, is the team’s newest member. Among the group’s local clients: George Mason, Georgetown and George Washington. ...


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