New York City's best commercial firms to work for
August 1, 2013

About 15 top brokers in Studley’s New York office receive an all-expenses-paid winter trip abroad each year. During the trip, the firm gives out its annual “Numero Uno” award, which recognizes the top producer during the past year. Past destinations have included Paris, Berlin, Florence, Tokyo and the Caribbean. While that trip is reserved for the elite brokers, Studley also pays for all its brokers to attend an annual summer retreat, usually to a U.S. destination like Florida or California...

“When you work for a publicly owned firm, you have to report quarterly,” said Studley’s Woody Heller, who worked at publicly traded JLL. “That’s a very different mindset, which imposes certain pressures and short-term thinking, which are difficult to work with. At the end of the year, or the end of the quarter, I’d have people walk into my office and ask, ‘Is there any way to accelerate the closing of this transaction?’ That may not be the right thing to do for the transaction.”

At privately held Studley, by contrast, “We don’t report to anybody but ourselves,” Heller said. “That gives us a lot of flexibility to do what we think is right.”

Heller also noted that many of Studley’s managers are themselves brokers who are working on their own deals as well as supervising others. He considers that an advantage.

“All the managers are brokers and understand what brokers need and want,” he said.

New York City's best commercial firms to work for

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