Does South Florida need more co-working spaces?
September 15, 2016

As South Florida's technology landscape continues to unfold, the resources considered essential to its evolution — from university-sponsored accelerators to startup networking events — are expanding, too.

A prominent example is co-working spaces — the modern, cost-effective alternative to cubicle farms, where fledgeling startups can set up shop and work to get an idea off the ground.

Just this week, two new spots sprouted in South Florida: PalmBeach Tech Space in West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale, within Hotwire Communications’ new company headquarters.

But does demand for shared workspaces coincide with their proliferation?

The trend is said to be driven by an array of factors — from startups' need for cheap office space to changing preferences that value interactions over solitude during the workday.

To Chris Lovell, senior managing director of global firm Savills Studley, South Florida's growing number of collaborative workspaces is a side effect of bravado, rather than good business sense.

“It is a result of different companies and individuals … that simply think they can do it better — that they have the better space, or that their team and management approach are simply more hip or smarter,” Lovell wrote in an email.

WeWork, for one, may have fallen victim to the fallacy...

Does South Florida need more co-working spaces?

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