Law Firms Seek More Efficient, Open, Inviting Workspace
October 22, 2013

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Looking to shrink rents and make the work environment more amenable to collaboration — and often make up for the 80-plus hours attorneys spend at the office each week — law firms are taking a page from tech companies' books and breaking away from the traditional office lease and layout in favor of spaces that are more open and inviting...

...Many firms now hire space planners like Gensler — which designed Weisbart Springer Hayes' Austin office — to assist with design and be present for initial walk-through and lease meetings.

The number of law firms taking this step — whether altering current leases, renovating current offices or signing deals for new, more modern space — has grown exponentially over the past year or so, experts say, and the question now for many is not “if” but “when.”

“All firms are examining it when they have the option to do so, whether as a result of their lease approaching expiration or as a result of a mandate to reduce costs,” said Gary Stein of real estate services firm Studley, which works on many law firm leases. “Every firm is examining the way they occupy space today versus the way they are going to in the future.”

Law Firms Seek More Efficient, Open, Inviting Workspace

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