The Cityscaper
May 18, 2010
By: Jotham Sederstrom

When Studley executive managing director Daniel Horowitz signed on to represent London-based clothier Burberry in 2008, neither he nor the designer of those ubiquitous camel-toned plaid scarves could have predicted that, together, they would transform Manhattan's skyline. ...

... "We gave them the identity they needed by getting both ground-floor signage; the lit, 6-foot sign; and then two retail stores flanking both the north and south side of the lobby," said Mr. Horowitz, 45, who said the Art Deco property recently underwent a $30 million renovation that included encasi ng the first two stories in glass. "So the building effectively is considered the Burberry building."

Since joining Studley in 1990, Mr. Horowitz has represented tenants as varied as the media company Gannett, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and consumer electronics maker Cisco. In total, he has sealed more than 3 million square feet in transactions, valued at more than $2 billion. Last week, he inked a deal with an advertising agency for a 100,000-square-foot expansion in Hudson Square. ...

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