The $1 Trillion Idea
September 16, 2015

Roughly 30 years ago, Michael Colacino, now the president of the global commercial real estate services firm Savills Studley, stumbled upon an idea that was ingenious and straightforward enough for almost anyone to understand it:

Bundling up leases and selling them to investors—just like securitized mortgages.

It’s the trillion-dollar idea that has still not come to fruition.

At the time Mr. Colacino was dismissed by veterans of the industry who said he didn’t understand how leases work and how complicated they can be.

“I came to Studley to get the kind of street cred to be able to understand it. Now I know how these leases work,” he told Commercial Observer. “I got distracted and ended up running the company...”

The $1 Trillion Idea

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