Step inside Gyro's new LoDo office space
December 4, 2013

Gyro Denver

Back in August, I told you about international business-to-business marketing/advertising firm Gyro moving from Denver's World Trade Center complex to a building in LoDo, thinking the new space would more closely fit the company's concept of an idea-generating workspace...

Gyro’s CEO Christoph Becker compared the space to the company’s London office and said it will help attract young workers and impress clients.“Being a global idea shop, this space feels like it will let people express themselves in a space that feels safe,” Becker said. “This tells the story of our agency through a compelling, irreplaceable space.”

Becker said he especially enjoyed the touches that kept the space “earthy and real world”: hard-wood floors salvaged from other parts of the building, exposed wood rafters and brick walls.

“This is just going to be a talent magnet,” he said of the office space and its location in the hot office market of LoDo...

Step inside Gyro's new LoDo office space (Slideshow)

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