Groove Commerce

Client Situation

Groove Commerce, an award winning digital advertising and marketing agency, was looking for a unique space to accommodate their cutting-edge web design company. The owner was not interested in a typical office space, but rather one that promoted the company’s culture and collaborative environment. The owner also wanted input on the design of the space while keeping within budget.

Consideration Analysis

The Savills Studley team of George Santos and Ryan Miller found a developer who had recently purchased an old garage in Little Italy right on the edge of Harbor East, one of Baltimore’s most popular neighborhoods. Because the team was able to target and contact the developer well in advance, Groove Commerce had tremendous input on the palette of materials used for the build-out and the flow of space throughout the building.


Groove Commerce has been able to use their new office space as the company’s headquarters and also as a destination point for like-minded professionals. The space encompasses the overall culture of Groove Commerce and the technology industry. The owner has been able to host a variety of events at the space, placing themselves as a prominent group in Baltimore’s local technology community.

Said the founder, “What was once a dilapidated, abandoned building in Little Italy is now Groove’s world headquarters and one of the most creative spaces in Baltimore. Santos and Miller’s vision and strong knowledge of the market helped our agency realize an opportunity to plant roots in the community, book-ending a new era of technology companies and innovation growing in the area.”

Summary Information

  • Property: 415 S. Central , Baltimore, MD 21202