Studley sees market improvement and growth in Tampa office
June 21, 2012
By: Mark Holan

Business activity is picking up in the Tampa office of Studley, the commercial real estate services firm specializing in tenant representation.

The firm has hired four new brokers or analysts since late last year ...

... Studley also recently increased its space in Westshore's Urban Center to nearly 6,000 square feet, a third larger than the space it occupied since opening its Tampa office in 2004.

The firm anticipates making at least two more hires by fall, said Cheri M. O'Neil, senior vice president and branch manager.

"We are just getting geared up for the market. We feel it," O'Neil said. ...

... "We are seeing our clients planning for growth. Not hypothetic growth, but actual growth," O'Neil said. ...

... Rents have not increased too much, O'Neil said, but there has been some compression on concessions. Landlords with healthy rent rolls in other markets are the first to pull back on concessions.

Studley's first quarter market report said that overall leasing increased by 13.1 percent. Availability dropped .8 percent to 21.9 percent in the first quarter.

"The no-holds-barred, lease space at all costs market of late 2010 and 2011 has been reduced to memory," the report said.

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