Play Ball!
October 12, 2011
By: Bisnow Staff

... Yesterday we chatted with Studley SVP/Silicon Valley manager George Fox, who coaches son Tristan (almost 8) in football and baseball, and daughter Paris (11), in baseball and basketball. George played baseball himself at San Jose State and still plays in a league for those 25 and up—last year he attended the Arizona Diamondbacks' fantasy baseball camp and will be going again this year. The way to motivate little sluggers? You’ve got to teach them the fundamentals (good job sneaking a real estate term in there, George) and make it fun, so they’re happy going out on the field. The old saw that “winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing” is definitely not the way to teach kids how to play sports.

Here's Studley’s Palo Alto office. Perhaps brokers who can kick the ball over one of those goal posts (on the right) earn a spot on the company team. George tells us that because his kids are so young, he coaches sportsmanship and character—learning life’s lessons through sports—more than winning and losing. One lesson: how to treat each other—players and coaches (even the umps). For example, when his teams are up by a bunch of runs, they won’t steal bases. “You take the high road.” The same could be said about leasing. If a transaction is too one-sided, it’s probably not going to be a successful tenant-landlord relationship. Speaking of which, George says the Bay Area continues to buck the national trend with strong demand—maybe not at the level of four months ago, but gaming and applications companies continue to seek space. ...

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