Power Tips from WBJ Power 100
November 30, 2012

by Alex Orfinger, Publisher

I don’t often get terribly nervous but Thursday night was an exception. The Washington Business Journal planned to bring together our list of Greater Washington’s most powerful business people and I was a wreck...
...When Tom Fulcher from Studley took the mic he brought home the role this group plays in building our community.
He said that when he teaches young associates how to be great real estate advisers to their tenant clients, he uses the names of many in that room. They remind him to:
• Be patient — lives and careers are long-distance runs, not sprints
• Be clear who you represent and don’t put your own personal interests in front of theirs
• Focus on what you do best and do it with integrity
• Your own power and influence will come, but only as you earn the respect of those with whom you interact over the years.
That’s pretty good advice to all of us as we build our networks and careers.

Alex Orfinger oversees the Washington Business Journal.