Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau

Client Situation

The Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau (ACVB), one of the most prominent tenants in the Atlanta business community, engaged Studley (now Savills Studley) to develop and implement a strategy that would address its need for growth and enhanced space efficiency. .ACVB had been a tenant at Peachtree Center since the 1960’s and had grown in an inefficient, patch-work fashion leaving no room to add employees. Prior to engaging Studley, the organization had looked at non-contiguous expansion as a short-term solution given that there were five years remaining on its lease. Studley determined, however, that despite the term remaining on ACVB’s current lease an opportunity existed to reduce occupancy costs.

Consideration Analysis

Peachtree Center had recently been acquired by a Florida-based ownership group whose goals included re-branding the complex as the focal point of downtown.   With this in mind, Studley leveraged ACVB’s unique attributes, which included being one of the largest tenants in the 2 million-square-foot complex and the symbol of positive activity and growth in downtown Atlanta .  We were also aware that the building owner was considering plans to redevelop the part of the complex that housed ACVB.   The challenge for ACVB was to add  space in a manner that did not have a material impact on its GAAP costs, knowing that the building was 35% vacant and the landlord would be reluctant to reduce cash flow on an above-market lease from a large tenant. 


Studley leveraged the desirability of retaining ACVB as a long-term tenant at Peachtree Center and the organization’s desire to relocate within the complex.  Studley negotiated for the organization to move to a part of Peachtree Center with a larger, contiguous footprint.  The lease encompassed 50% more space at a below-market rental rate with no increase in annual GAAP costs and full landlord funding of all construction costs.  Studley’s strategy ultimately secured concessions in excess of $2.1 million for the bureau.  

Summary Information

  • Property: Peachtree Center - Harris Tower, Atlanta, GA
  • Transaction Size: 31,500 SF
  • Transaction Type: Lease Expansion
  • Service Line: Office

Meet the Team

Lechter, Andrew

Lechter, Andrew

Executive Vice President, Branch Manager