Lois's Crystal Ball
March 3, 2010

It looks like the trend of law firms downsizing could be slowing, and Studley vice chairman Lois Zambo also believes law firms may start moving to VA in the next five years. ...

... She says tenants have so many options in this market and the #1 priority for law firms is building efficiency. When she started in the biz, it wasn’t unusual for firms to take 1,200 SF per attorney. These days, that's closer to 600 SF. Years ago, Lois says people started to chatter about associations heading out of the District and into NoVa. Five years after the rumors started, associations were on the move. Lois says that same talk is going on now about law firms, and she predicts movement around 2015 if the VA bar adopts more liberal reciprocity rules, allowing a lawyer who passed the bar in another jurisdiction to "waive in."

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