Real estate practitioners weathered the year, look for clearing skies
December 30, 2011
By: Mark Holan and Margaret Cashill

The CEO of a local law firm has been helping a client look for 4,000 to 6,000 square feet in downtown Tampa. That should be easy in what has been an extended "tenant's market."


In fact, the search hasn’t been as easy as anticipated. That’s good news for office brokers and the commercial real estate sector in general.


The market will continue to strengthen, said Cheri M. O'Neil, senior vice president and branch manager of Studley, a tenant representation firm.


“Although a tightening market may mean more bullish landlords, it should also result in more solvent ownership, therefore offering more security for tenants.” O’Neil said. “It’s heading toward more equilibrium in the market, which is good.” ...


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