Market Anxiety Over Shutdown To Stall RE Deals
October 1, 2013

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The market uncertainty caused by the government shutdown will freeze real estate deals across the country and add yet another reason for hesitation to the minds of landlords, investors, homeowners and tenants, who have been unable for more than a year to plan deals with much confidence, experts say...

Experts say the continuing cycle of uncertainty at the government level is holding a lot of clients back, particularly when it comes to office leasing deals for both government and private tenants.

“It’s been very difficult in the last few years for a lot of government tenants and the private tenants that rely on the government to enter into real estate transactions, because no one knows what the future’s going to hold,” said David Lipson, executive vice president and co-regional manager of commercial real estate firm Studley Inc. “The uncertainty leads to real inefficiency in decision making.”

Real estate deals are different from many other types of investments in that they are long-term commitments, Lipson said, and it's nearly impossible to sign a 10-year lease if a new governmental financial crisis is around every corner.

Market Anxiety Over Shutdown To Stall RE Deals

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