Zachry Holdings, Inc.

Client Situation

Zachry Holdings, Inc. (“Zachry”) is an engineering firm that provides a variety of engineering, design, and management services to the electric power industry. Headquartered in Denver, Utility Engineering was recently purchased by the Zachry Group out of San Antonio, Texas. The Zachry Group wanted to develop a strategic real estate plan for all of its offices across the U.S. and needed a real estate advisor who could evaluate each office and recommend a course of action for all of its holdings.

Consideration Analysis

Studley was able to put together a strategic real estate plan for all of Zachry’s offices. Each of Zachry’s officeswere designed and built-out with no set of company standards and no sense of corporate identity. Through Studley’s benchmarking the competition within the engineering arena, Zachry was able to implement a program that called for corporate standards that would be implemented across the country in each of Zachry’s offices.This would allow Zachry to more effectively implement a strategic plan that was consistent.


Studley was able to present a strategic plan that would allow Zachry to redesign not only Zachry’s actual space, but the way their employees interacted with each other internally. Studley presented Zachy with a number of real estate options throughout Metro Denver that significantly improved not only the efficiency of Zachry’s real estate, but could save Zachry a considerable amount of money. In the end, Studley restructured and extended Zachry’s headquarter location and was able to reduce Zachry’s real estate costs by $1.4 million dollars, as well as providing improved flexibility throughout Zachry’s lease.

Summary Information

  • Property: 1515 Arapahoe Street, Denver, CO
  • Transaction Size: 72,109 SF
  • Transaction Type: Headquarter Renewal, Lease Expansion
  • Service Line: Office