Lost in Buckhead Atlanta
June 29, 2011
By: Clark Dean

It can be tricky to name something that will be around for a long time. Names establish context. They promote distinction. And “Buckhead Atlanta,” the new name for the “Streets of Buckhead” development doesn’t seem to do either very well. I really do appreciate OliverMcMillan’s stated attempt to “blend in” and find a name that encourages it to be “owned by the community” as recently reported by Atlanta Business Chronicle. But this name is not being well received by the community at all. Despite what the branding mavens advising the company have suggested, using the name of a well-defined submarket for a development that constitutes a relatively small portion of that submarket is at its best confusing and at its worst presumptuous. Seriously. It would be like naming a redevelopment of Rockefeller Center “Midtown Manhattan,” or branding our city’s own Peachtree Center as “Downtown Atlanta” instead. ...

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