Kaltex North America Grows in Empire State Building
September 4, 2012
By: Daniel Edward Rosen

Kaltex North America will be expanding inside the Empire State Building, taking 5,946 square feet to grow its total footprint to 41,879 square feet.

The company, which is an affiliate of Mexican textile company Grupo Kaltex, will now have the entire 70th floor and a portion of the 71st floor in the iconic building, as was first reported by The New York Post.

Chip Conklin, Michael Goldman and Dan Posy, all of Studley, represented Kaltex North America in the deal. ...

... “We looked at many, many sites throughout the geographical area that they preferred, and it just came down to a couple of different properties,” said Mr. Conklin.

Ultimately the company decided to expand inside The Empire State Building.

“They have a long history at the Empire State Building, so I think that also played a part in it,” he added. The company had been inside the building for at least 30 years. ...

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