Tech Still Driving San Francisco Office Market
November 4, 2013

San Francisco Tech Office

The tech sector continues to drive the San Francisco office market, with the rapid expansion of local companies as well as an influx of Valley firms and others from outside the region contributing to the acceleration. Following a sluggish first half of 2013, tech companies resumed their aggressive pursuit of space in the third quarter, according to the San Francisco Studley Report, Studley’s analysis of office market conditions in the city. Overall leasing volume equaled 3 msf, significantly higher than the historical quarterly average of 1.9 msf...

“It is critical that tenants of all sectors and sizes understand the pace of the market and rationally assess alternatives in both the short- and long-term,” said Steve Barker, Studley EVP and branch manager of the firm’s San Francisco office. “For example, large tenants with leases expiring between 2015 and 2017 have the time to assess whether or not the market’s growth will continue unabated. One potential opportunity for these users is the next wave of top-tier product which is set to deliver during the same timeframe. The first tenants to make sizeable commitments in the new projects will likely capture the greatest space efficiencies and generous concessions.”

Tech Still Driving San Francisco Office Market

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