Going Global the Right Way
August 6, 2015

For any company worth its salt to compete successfully, it must think globally.

Yet while the “why global” is self-evident, the “where global” is a far more provocative question. When companies begin evaluating potential expansion cities, they must think in terms of specifics. For instance, an international airline would only consider English-speaking markets to locate its call center, even though it would benefit from reduced costs in other areas.

For most companies there are five categories that impact the success of an office.

The first is looking at the general business environment. This includes business costs and regulations, corporate tax rates, investment flows, research and development costs and linkages with other cities. New York, Singapore, London and Tel Aviv regularly rank at the top of this category, but for different reasons. New York boasts a high degree of investment flow particularly in the venture capital arena, Singapore features lower cost to occupiers in terms of compensation and taxation, London combines a fluid market with the greatest airport linkage and Tel Aviv is a global center of innovation and R&D...

Going Global the Right Way

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