HAKS Construction Engineering Firm Expands to 44,101 SF AT 40 Wall Street
June 8, 2010
By: Susan Piperato

By sticking to its aggressive growth strategy in the face of the recession, HAKS Engineers has positioned itself to take full advantage of the opportunities for the management of  public sector construction work supported by Federal Stimulus funds. As a result, the firm is expanding its office space in at its New York City headquarters by nearly 30 percent by committing to 44,101 square feet at The Trump Building at 40 Wall Street....

... Executive Managing Director Marc Shapses, Managing Director Jason Schwartzenberg and Senior Managing Director Joseph Messina of international commercial real estate services firm Studley represented HAKS in the 10-year lease expansion and extension, making the two leases coterminous.

"This expansion and extension came at a good time for my client," noted Shapses. "We have locked in desirable lease rates for the next 10 years." ...

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