‘Tech Coast’ Challenges Silicon Valley
August 26, 2014

The newly termed “Tech Coast” is Southern California’s answer to the Silicon Valley, Royce Sharf, EVP and branch manager of Savills Studley’s Orange County office, tells GlobeSt.com. The Orange County office section of this region is being driven by tech tenants, similar to its Northern California counterpart, as GlobeSt.com reported last week. We sat down with Sharf to discuss tech tenants’ impact on the market and where this is leading Orange County.

GlobeSt.com: We’ve recently heard Orange County being described as the “Tech Coast.” Is this a term you’re hearing, and what is the reason behind it?

Sharf: Actually, it is my understanding that the Tech Coast term represents a region from Santa Barbara to San Diego and is inclusive of Orange County. It is Southern California’s response/challenge to the more well-known and established Silicon Valley. It is accurate, as Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego continue to be leading hotbeds of global technology, creativity and innovation, but the moniker is also a bit of creative marketing!

GlobeSt.com: Aside from the renewal by HireRight, what other recent transactions have led to this moniker?

‘Tech Coast’ Challenges Silicon Valley

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