Starpoint Solutions Relocates to 22 Courtland Street
February 22, 2010
By: Susan Piperato

With an imminent lease expiration at 115 Broadway, Starpoint Solutions, a technology consulting firm, has signed 14,700-square-foot lease for part of the 14th floor at 22 Courtland Street in Lower Manhattan.

“In addition to wanting to remain Downtown, the firm had specific design requirements and growth projections that this space supports nicely,” shared Studley Executive Managing Director Marc Shapses, who represented Starpoint Solutions with Studley colleagues Jason Schwartzenberg and Joseph Messina. ...

...“Moreover, the landlord’s contractor quickly effectuated a quality, face-lift to Starpoint’s space,” added Schwartzenberg, “enabling the company to move in and be up and running by next month.” ...

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