3 Things to Know About Denver Office
May 8, 2015

If you're at a cocktail party tonight, here are three lines about Denver office to get conversation going. (Another thing that gets conversations started: cocktails.) Thanks to Savills Studley EVP Jim McGrath for the data.

Energy Isn't Crushing The Market, But That's OK

Despite uncertainty in the energy sector, steady demand from the financial sector, tech companies and healthcare is pushing availability lower, says Jim. According to Savills Studley's Q1 2015 report, office availability stands at 16.3%, down 0.7 percentage points from Q1 2014. Class-A availability was likewise down 1.2 percentage points.

The Market Is Still Improving, Some Places More Than Others

The Denver metro market has seen growth for the past couple of years, "and we don’t anticipate that stopping in the near term," Jim says. One of the healthiest submarkets is the Southeast suburban—the largest in Denver, with a diverse industry base...

3 Things to Know About Denver Office

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