First Deals of Top Brokers
April 14, 2014

Adam Singer

First Deals of Top Brokers

Nowadays, it's nostalgic to remember your first tweet. But we bet every broker recalls their first deal, too. Last week as the industry gathered at the CREBA Awards, we polled some of the big names for the stories behind their first deals...

When Studley's Adam Singer (left, with HITT's Brian Urben, Ryan Webb, and Cliff Chow) found a 400 SF sublease for a phone book company at 805 15th St in 1983, the company tried to pay him in phone books.

Adam's Studley colleague Art Greenberg says his first big deal was helping Marriott renew its space in Bethesda in 1999. Art spent years as an accountant before getting into commercial real estate. Don worked on one of Art's early deals as a lawyer on the American Petroleum Institute's space at 1220 L St in 2005.

First Deals of Top Brokers

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