Rocky Mountain Desk Corporation

Client Situation

Rocky Mountain Desk Corporation (RMDC), founded in 1983, is a customer-focused contract office furniture dealer.  RMDC specializes in servicing its customers through even the most complex transactions.  The company routinely serves the office furniture needs of organizations with anywhere from 50 to 4,000 employees, whether in a single building or a large-scale corporate campus environment.  RMDC approached Studley (now Savills Studley) because the company was looking for commercial real estate with both an office/showroom and a warehouse component.

Consideration Analysis

RMDC’s current facility, housing both the company’s office and showroom and a portion of the warehouse component, was in a location perpetually loaded with traffic congestion, where access for both customers and employees was, at best, frustrating and time consuming.  Along with this facility, RMDC also leases an additional pure warehouse facility, a few miles from the main facility.  RMDC wanted to explore either a lease extension in its current facility or a relocation to a more accessible location, which would also provide the opportunity to upgrade the appearance of the showroom.  With these two objectives in mind, budget constraints, and a quickly approaching lease expiration, separate locations for both the office/showroom component and the warehouse component were located.


The office/showroom location at 8110 East Union Avenue will provide convenient access, for both customers and employees, to all central arterials including I-25 and I-225.  The showroom space, located on the first floor, is now more functional with full-floor windows and drive-up customer parking.  For its warehouse component, RMDS was able to use its space more efficiently, consolidating all its warehousing functions within the currently leased pure warehouse facility, with the addition of just a few thousand square feet.

Summary Information

  • Property: Lockton Center & Peoria Center, Denver, CO
  • Transaction Size: 24,179 SF
  • Transaction Type: Lease Relocation
  • Service Line: Office