Your Mission on Display: Why Good Office Design Matters
October 31, 2013


Good office design, like any creative endeavor, requires thought.

“If you just build your office space out and you put a bunch of your board members on the wall, you’re sort of doing the as-expected installation in your space,” said Tom Fulcher, executive vice president at commercial real estate firm Studley, cosponsor of the Association Real Estate Awards with ASAE Business Services.

Winners of the awards, announced this month, were not only recognized for creativity but for how well their office space reflected their organization’s mission—an important factor for associations.

“For associations and nonprofits, I think the reason that people are there, for many people, is really a sense of the mission,” Fulcher said. “They’re not necessarily there to collect a paycheck. They’re there because it is important to them.”

So, it’s important that when people walk into an organization’s office, the design supports that, he added. “Your enthusiasm is on the walls. It’s in the lobby. It’s in the conference rooms. It’s everywhere...”

Your Mission on Display: Why Good Office Design Matters

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