Foursquare is Doubling its Headquarters Space at 36 Cooper Square
June 8, 2010
By: Steve Cuzzo


... A deal that's tiny on paper speaks volumes about the exploding online world's flexibility and cooperative spirit. Fast-growing social networking site Foursquare is doubling its headquarters space at 36 Cooper Square in the East Village -- but there's more to it than that. ...

... Studley's Jason Schwartzenberg, who represented Foursquare with his firm's Marc Shapses, said that since then, "In an interesting twist that works for everyone, Foursquare has now invited Curbed and Hard Candy Shell to share its space on the sixth floor."

The Studley team subsequently worked out a deal with the landlord, Leonard Stern's Hartz Mountain Industries, to get Curbed out of its fifth-floor sublease so it could move to the sixth floor -- a "win-win for both Foursquare and Curbed," Schwartzenberg said. The asking rent on the sixth floor was $35 a square foot.

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