Studley Represents International Company in Early Lease Renewal
January 11, 2010
By: Illinois Real Estate Journal Reports

Sterigenics International, Inc. has renewed the 18,541-square-foot lease on its North American headquarters located at 2015 Spring Road in Oak Brook, Ill.

The lease terms, negotiated by Jon Azulay and Robert Sevim of international commercial real estate services firm Studley, will reduce the company's occupancy costs and allow it to modify a portion of its space, using a tenant-improvement package provided by the landlord, Arden Realty, to operate more efficiently.

"The East-West Corridor has become a hotbed for national and global headquarters, creating a prestige and synergy that continues to grow," shared Mr. Azulay. "Keeping Sterigenics in its headquarters location was the optimal solution for our client, and with the lease package that the landlord agreed to, we were able to structure a transaction that provides significant immediate and long-term cost savings for Sterigenics." ...

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