Sublease for Floor at 'Brighter, Bouncier' 360 Madison
February 3, 2011
By: Laura Kusisto

"Can it be," queried architecture critic James Gardner a few years ago in the New York Sun, "that 360 Madison Avenue, which seems to have sprung up out of nowhere on the northwest corner of 45th Street, is the best new building in midtown in over a generation?"

Well, Communication Partners Group, which creates promotional literature for medical professionals, certainly seems to think so. "We scoured the market for office space that would satisfy all of our clients' requirements," said Studley's Nicholas Farmakis, who represented the tenant along with John Mambrino. "As a result of our efforts, we were able to achieve a below-market deal with very little out-of-pocket expenses for our client...

... "We are grateful for Studley's persistence and guidance over the past year," James Bargon, CEO and president of Communication Partners, said in a statement. "John and Nick insisted we keep several options alive. Thanks to them, we are moving to a significantly nicer space and better location than I could have imagined at a price well below going rates." ...

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