Tech Drives Uptick in S.F. Office Market - Little Action in Other Leases
October 1, 2010
By J.K. Dineen

San Francisco's office leasing market has ended a two-year losing streak, with tenants now filling more space than is pouring onto the market.

Fast-growing tech companies drove San Francisco's leasing market to its first quarter of growth since 2008, a trend that seems to be strengthening even as financial service and law firms continue to shrink operations.

... Steve Barker, an executive vice president with the tenants rep group Studley, said he is still not convinced that the tech recovery will have much impact beyond the South of Market creative buildings tech firms are drawn to.

"The boom in tech is having a positive influence on the city, which is good for everybody," said Barker. "But it is not affecting the financial district, where large tenants continue to downsize." ...

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