Taylor Brundage

Integration Manager, Industrial Services Group



  • Industrial

Professional Expertise

Armed with ample experienced in directing an administrative and media-based team, Taylor works to produce and perfect the materials and processes necessary to obtain and retain business. Taylor is comfortable both on the technical side of creating visually stunning and hard-hitting proposals, and the consultancy side of client interaction to complete transactions. After diligent research, Taylor utilizes value engineering techniques to ensure flexibility in transactions and identify the best solution for all parties involved. In our fast-paced and ever-changing world, Taylor understands the importance of being adaptive and consultative in her approach.

Activities & Achievements

Taylor has successfully completed projects (both new and repetitive business) with well-known global organizations, such as Marriott, Nike, Phillips, and FEMA. In 2015, Taylor directed a project for NEMA (National Emergency Management Association) that won an International E-Learning Award for best mobile app.


Taylor graduated in 2013 from the University at Buffalo with a BA degree. She majored in English with a minor in journalism, and continues to practice deepen her learning of the written and spoken English language as well as her keen ability to research and meet vigorous deadlines.

Taylor Brundage