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What's going on in Retail?

The Big Problem with Shipping Clothes to Small Towns

Online retailers are going the extra mile to serve rural America


The Amazing Ways Burberry Is Using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to Drive Success

British fashion brand Burberry is one of the most recognized luxury clothes labels in the world. Starting in 2006, the company aimed to reinvent itself as an “end to end” digital enterprise. Its strategy was to use Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to boost sales and customer satisfaction.


5 Shopping Trends Changing Retail As You Know It (Whether You're Ready or Not)

The end-to-end shopping experience is changing. Almost every step of the process, from the moment the idea for a product is conceived, until the moment it lands in the hands of a consumer will evolve in the next 10 years, and continue to do so….CommerceHub CEO, Frank Poore, shared his thoughts on just what those trends that are happening right now -- impacting both consumers and businesses alike.


Catching Fire: 6 Retailers Embracing the Showroom Concept

The retail world is changing and so too is the shopping experience.


As Retail Goes Online, These Companies Have Moved to Brick-And-Mortar

Here's why some retailers have gone against the stream, moving from online-only to opening brick-and-mortar locations.


Millennials Are All for AI, if it Elevates the Retail Experience

Baby boomers are less enthused



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