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What's going on in Retail?

Toys ‘R’ Us turns to AR to improve in-store experience

Two weeks after filing for bankruptcy protection, the toy giant is debuting an augmented reality experience that it hopes will help reinvigorate its stores and make them destinations for shoppers who might otherwise choose to shop online.


Why the Walmart-Bonobos deal shows the way to retail's showroom future

The big-box retailer’s e-commerce acquisitions are about more than assets, they’re about taking on new mindsets, writes Lee Peterson of WD Partners.


Nordstrom just opened a tiny store that doesn’t sell any clothes – here’s what it looks like

Nordstrom just opened a store concept that's a fraction of the usual size and doesn't sell clothes.


b8ta, a tech retailer, wants to get consumers excited about retail by letting them try gadgets before they buy

Amid the carnage in brick-and-mortar retail and a juggernaut called Amazon that's humbling its competition online, one technology start-up has come up with a motto: "Retail isn't dead, it needs a revival.


How retailers are using customer feedback to inform business strategies

Data is everywhere; making sense of it all is the hard part.


Instagirls don’t change customer behavior’: The limits of influencers

Many brands are still spending big bucks on influencers with upward of a million followers, despite multiple reports that micro-influencers, which demand much lower rates, are more effective at driving ROI.



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