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What's going on in Retail?

Luxury brands are changing how they operate internally to react faster to customers

Luxury brands, feeling the heat from agile fast-fashion and online-only retailers, are speeding up production processes and reacting quicker to customer behavior by changing how they organize their businesses.


Two Powerful Acronyms That Will Spur Retail In India

Today’s in-store retail technology has the power to connect consumer data to physical goods, deriving actionable insights like never before. In the long run, these tech-support solutions could optimize in-store sales, track buying trends and preferences, and increase operational efficiency, thereby improving store performance and increasing revenues.


 Nordstrom Rack Invades Manhattan And Wins New Customers

Nordstrom is disrupting Manhattan’s retail. Near Macy’s, J.C. Penney and not too far from Lord & Taylor, a new Nordstrom Rack opened last week at 6th Avenue and 31st Street. It is a bright, new 47,000-square-foot store that thumbs its nose at traditional competition.


How Rebecca Minkoff gave its site an Instagram makeover

Rebecca Minkoff is giving its website a new look, inspired by its shoppers’ Instagram habits.

“For millennials and Gen Z, the Instagram search is the new Google search,” said Uri Minkoff, co-founder and CEO of the brand. “They’re going to Rebecca Minkoff on Instagram and they’re looking at the narrative of the grid, then they’re bouncing to the e-commerce platform on mobile.”


Walmart revs up holiday deals, product offering in home

Bentonville, Ark. – Walmart is launching what it calls its most aggressive holiday marketing effort, and a component of that is home.

The retailer is expanding its product assortment both in stores and online “to offer more items than any other season, including new national brands and more exclusives than ever before,” Walmart said.




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