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What's going on in Retail?

The Triumph of the Latin American Mall

Boosted by a growing middle class, the shopping mall is booming in Central and South America.


US department stores are killing themselves by not innovating, Harrods chief says

Stores like Macy's have struggled to compete with online shopping and the rise of Amazon. They have also found it difficult to provide interesting shopping experiences to attract customers to their shops.


High-end stores that don’t actually sell anything are the future of retail

It’s three floors of cutting-edge technology spread over 56,000 square feet—and you can’t buy a single thing. (Except coffee. And maybe a bagel.)


 Inside Estee Lauder’s Black Friday weekend war room

As legacy beauty brands struggle to compete with the onslaught of younger, digitally savvy companies like Glossier and e.l.f., navigating the holiday sales period online has become even more important.


With Cyber Monday Behind Us, Now The Real Holiday Shopping Season Begins

The fact is the overwhelming majority of holiday season revenue for virtually every retailer will occur over the next four weeks, not during the past few days.



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