Survey: Lagging Economy, Election Keep Execs Up at Night
October 6, 2012
By: Ian Ritter

Insurance firm Zurich recently commissioned a survey with that asked financial executives in the commercial real estate world what keeps them "up at night." Three scenarios in particular worried the nearly 300 respondents the most.

A continued lagging economy was seen as the biggest threat, followed by the upcoming presidential election (not many wanted to see President Obama back in office) and a dip in consumer confidence. The “European Economic Crisis,” “Public and Private Debt Levels,” and “Rising Interest” rates followed the top three.

"The marginal demand for commercial real estate base is always going to come from business expansion, whether it’s the increased hiring or the formation of new business," pointed out Heidi Learner, chief economist at Studley, Inc. "Weak demand, whether it’s from domestic or foreign consumers, is only going to discourage hiring." ...

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