Global Corporate Real Estate Advisory Services

KLG Advisors is the premier advisory firm for global companies seeking to make location and real estate decisions that deliver lasting advantage. Our fact-based approach gives business leaders the clarity, impartiality, and foresight they need to proceed with confidence.

Since its founding in 1993, KLG Advisors has been helping the world’s leading financial services, high technology, life sciences, consumer products, and publishing companies achieve dramatic financial and operational improvements through our four core practice areas:

Workforce Analysis & Location Strategy Corporate Real Estate Advisory Solutions
Site Selection & Property Identification Business Incentive Solutions

Workforce Analysis & Location Strategy

Conduct detailed analyses of clients’ human capital assets to identify opportunities for workforce consolidation, headcount reduction, and job deployment to more cost attractive and demographically favorable locations. Our engagements have resulted in workforce reconfigurations involving nearly 17,000 jobs and reductions in annual compensation costs of close to $500M.

Corporate Real Estate Advisory Services

Assist clients rationalize their real estate portfolios to optimize on cost, flexibility, and utilization. In aggregate, these assignments have involved the review of over 47.5 million square feet of space.

Site Selection & Property Identification

Identify specific cities and/or properties – leveraging our experience, proven methodologies, and state-of-the-art analytical tools – that provide the best fit and the best deal.

Business Incentive Solutions

Guide companies through offsetting project start-up and ongoing operating costs by maximizing financial support from public-sector agencies. These efforts have yielded close to $600 million in value for our clients.

Problem Solving

Provide guidance on highly complex and sophisticated topics ranging from securities markets consolidation to evaluating the impact of AWS programs on employee productivity to the acquisition of world class quants for modeling complex financial instruments. KLG’s proven intellectual capacity enables clients to challenge our core offerings and think outside the box.