30 Under 30 of NYC’s Rising Real Estate Stars
November 12, 2014

Lance Leighton

Assistant Director, Savills Studley

Ask Lance Leighton how he got into the real estate business and he is straightforward about it: “The answer, in a nutshell, is nepotism.” When Mr. Leighton graduated from Hofstra University in 2008 his cousin, Evan Margolin, offered him a job at Savills Studley, but when he was told that it would require years of grunt work for (at first) very little money, Mr. Leighton balked. He decided to sell office supplies door-to-door, instead. But when he realized he wasn’t cut out to traipse through Times Square on hot summer days asking strangers if they needed extra toner, he reconsidered the real estate offer.

Mr. Leighton is now the assistant director of Savills Studley. However, the years of hustle have done Mr. Leighton a lot of good. In addition to doing deals for hedge funds and private equity firms, in 2012 Mr. Leighton had the idea of starting the blog HedgeFundSpaces.com as a hedge funder’s first stop when he or she starts Googling for new office space.

“My thinking was why go fishing with a hook when you can go with a net,” Mr. Leighton said. “I’d rather become a resource.” Traffic was slow at first; it was six or seven months before his first deal came to fruition...

30 Under 30 of NYC’s Rising Real Estate Stars

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