Struggling Newspapers Sell Off Old Headquarters
October 22, 2013

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They were once major symbols of civic pride and influence, often situated in the heart of the city, and nearly equal in stature to nearby city halls, courthouses and other major public buildings…

…Mr. Collins said the property would be far more desirable to a buyer if it included a corner lot that is also owned by The Post. But Carr Properties, a Washington company, has a long-term ground lease for the 140,400-square-foot building there, at 1100 15th Street. Neither JM Zell Partners, a Washington real estate firm that is advising The Post, nor Carr responded to telephone messages. Les J. Cranmer, a senior managing director in Philadelphia for Studley, another of The Post’s brokers, said the firm would have no comment.

Struggling Newspapers Sell Off Old Headquarters

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