Sungard Availability Services Will Expand In Markham, Ontario
October 22, 2013

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SunGard Availability Services, with over 8,000 customers worldwide, has expanded both their disaster recovery space and IT services capacity to Markham, Ontario.

Studley, the leading commercial real estate services firm, brokered the complex transaction that provides SunGard Availability Services with additional disaster recovery space and increased IT services capacity within this expanded market. By negotiating with the landlord, Digital Realty Trust, Studley secured a dedicated site for SunGard Availability Services, enabling SunGard to offer up to 6MW of critical power to new and existing customers. SunGard is expected to occupy the space in March of 2014, while maintaining their presence in two existing facilities in Mississauga, Ontario.

Studley Executive Vice President, David Gordon and Senior Managing Director, Ian Zilla, represented the tenant in the 15-year lease transaction, which includes exclusive expansion and renewal rights. As head of Studley’s Critical Facilities Group, Gordon worked to create a real estate solution which provided the necessary space, while also delivering on SunGard’s power needs. “Due to the lack of existing infrastructure, Digital Realty Trust will build out a dedicated SunGard building,” Gordon said, “the project is a great partnership for both parties as they both expand into this new and growing market...”

Sungard Availability Services Will Expand In Markham, Ontario

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