What Makes CRE’s Young Professionals Tick
October 30, 2014

Millennials, a.k.a. “Generation We,” have permeated the commercial real estate industry. Not only has this 95-million-strong group become the topic of discussion in conference panel sessions and one of the leading consumer demographic groups, but it is also changing the way every asset class is run. As more of this group enters the workforce, CRE firms are noticing that their goals and approach to work vary greatly from their predecessors.

Fortunately, this change is for the good, experts tell Real Estate Forum. Millennials bring a fresh perspective and have helped every asset class reinvent itself after a dramatic and prolonged economic recession. They’ve ushered in the age of technology that has breathed new life into suffering categories. We asked the experts what the industry should know about the next generation of CRE professionals and what they can contribute to its growth.

What are today’s young CRE professionals seeking in their positions—what’s most important to them?

David Endelman, managing director for Savills-Studley’s strategic portfolio solutions team, says Millennials in CRE are no different in their work preferences than their peers in other fields. “They, too, are using more technology, seeking more meaningful, challenging tasks and are more flexible in terms of their work environment and benefits.”

NWhat Makes CRE’s Young Professionals Tick

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