Brokers looking to click with red hot tech startups
February 22, 2012
By: Al Barbarino

Today’s brokers must be in-the-know with the ever-changing tech industry — or they risk becoming obsolete in the eyes of their digital clients.

“Understanding them and having a resume that you’ve worked with similar companies in the past — they dig that,” said Jason Schwartzenberg, a corporate managing director at real estate services firm Studley...

... Time is crucial for CEO’s and other startup executives, as they scramble to secure new funding and talent. There is little time to tour new spaces, interview architects, furniture people and cleaners. More than ever these demands fall on brokers.

“If I can help people save time and focus on their core business, they appreciate that and in turn you feel good,” Schwartzenberg said. “In some crazy way you can feel that you were one of the reasons somebody was able to get their company up and going.”...

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