Willis Tower starts to shed terror fears ten years after Sept. 11
September 6, 2011
By: Ryan Ori

A decade after terrorism fears made Sears Tower a no-go zone for tenants, the Western Hemisphere's tallest office building is showing signs of recovery.

Leasing plunged nearly 20% after Sept. 11, as rumors swirled that the 110-story building was next on terrorists' target list. Major tenants Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Ernst & Young U.S. LLP defected, and real estate brokers struggled to persuade others to even consider the 1,450-foot-tall tower at 233 S. Wacker Drive. ...

... “When United committed to move in, I think a lot of people thought, if they're moving in there, the security must be resolved,” says Rick Schuham, a executive vice-president at New York-based Studley Inc. who represents tenants. “I think that was a game-changer for them.” ...

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