Six Trends for 2012
December 22, 2011
By: Staff

What does the new year hold for DC real estate? Our shoddy prediction skills were evident when we drafted Kyle Orton for our fantasy football league, so we asked six of the industry's brightest minds to share their hottest prognostications with us. ...

... 2. It's A Tenant's Market

“There will continue to be too many spaces chasing too few users, and that's good news for tenants in the market,” Studley's Tom Fulcher tells us. Uncertainty over the government (a common theme in this list) is exacerbating the trend, which will affect emerging markets and suburbs more than downtown DC. Law firms, lobbying shops, and associations helping clients chase declining federal dollars should keep things steady there. The upshot: Owners need to be more aggressive to get deals done; outside the core, the question is whether there'll be any deals to do. ...

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