Custom Solutions That Benefit Everyone

Real estate not only represents one of a corporation’s largest expenses, it is also a one of the most daunting challenges a professional will face in their career. The task of securing a space that provides their organization a balance of prestige, comfort and functionality in a convenient location with minimal disruption is no easy task for any team or individual.

This is why since our firm was founded in 1954, we’ve focused on the concept of advocating on the behalf of business leaders and their organizations in real estate transactions.

Over time, this tenant-focused mission has attracted some of the world’s top real estate advisers to Savills Studley. Our expertise, ranging from site selection and negotiation to workplace and workforce strategies, seamlessly delivers cost savings, improved corporate culture and increased productivity to your organization.

Our greatest strength is in providing bespoke solutions to your challenges. Our larger competitors offer a solution that works well for many clients, but their very scale prevents them from focusing on your needs. As a result, our competitors often deliver out-of-the box solutions; ours are custom-designed and continually refined for your organization.

The insights we develop working together with our clients help everyone involved in real estate — including CRE, finance, and human resources — make the best real estate decisions. This results in a workplace that is optimized on every level, and produces greater value than rigid solutions engineered for mass-production.


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Savills Studley takes the security and privacy of those of its clients and contacts about whom it holds personal information extremely seriously. The Group follows strict security procedures in the storage and disclosure of personal information given to us in order to prevent unauthorised access.

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