Boston Office Sector Report (Q3 2016) (PDF)

Savills Studley Reports - Q3 2016 (Boston)

Despite a slowdown in venture capital funding for much of this year, biotech firms in Boston still have ample fund for R&D and hiring. They continue to expand in suburban locations, offsetting relatively anemic demand from banks, law firms and many other professional/business services firms.

Boston Retail Snapshot Q1 2015 (PDF)

The Boston retail market (Neighborhood & Community Shopping Centers) ended Q1 2015 with a vacancy rate of 6.3%. The rate decreased from the previous quarter’s rate of 6.4% and decreased from the rate one year ago (6.6%). Neighborhood Shopping Centers reported a vacancy rate of 7.6% for the quarter, which is unchanged from the rate of 7.6% twelve months ago. Meanwhile, Community Shopping Centers reported a vacancy rate of 5.2% for the quarter, which decreased from the rate of 5.8% twelve months ago.

Erosion Occurring in Boston Industry Clustering

Market Insights - 05/19/16 (Boston)

As companies explore more of the region, industry clustering in Boston is breaking down a bit. Limited availability and spiking rents have forced many industries such as biotech, banking, and the legal sector to look outside their “comfort zones.”

Access to Talent Trumps Costs in Boston

Market Insights - 03/24/16 (Boston)

High wages and cost of doing business will make it challenging for Boston-area startups to acquire and then retain talent to help their young companies succeed.

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