Dallas Fort Worth Office Sector Report (Q3 2016) (PDF)

Savills Studley Reports - Q3 2016 (Dallas)

Sustained demand from larger firms, particularly for new product and build-to-suits in the Upper Tollway and Uptown, has kept leasing steady. This expansion cycle appears to have additional room to run. That said, rent is getting ahead of fundamentals in many areas that still have a lot of excess availability.

Dallas SERI Report (2016) (PDF)

Downtown’s costs are likely to continue on a course of moderate growth (approximately 5.0%) next year. Vacancy will remain very high as many tenants continue to pursue space options in other areas and Downtown’s landlords reposition their properties.

National SERI Report (2016) (PDF)

For the fifth straight year, tenants faced higher effective rent for premium Class A space in nearly all major U.S. CBDs. A distinguishing factor in 2015 was the acceleration of rental rate growth in many of the "late recovery" markets such as Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Dallas Retail Snapshot Q1 2015 (PDF)

The Dallas retail market (Neighborhood & Community Shopping Centers) ended Q1 2015 with a vacancy rate of 12.2%. The rate is unchanged from the previous quarter’s rate of 12.2% but decreased from the rate one year ago (12.9%). Neighborhood Shopping Centers reported a vacancy rate of 13.5% for the quarter, which decreased from the rate of 14.8% twelve months ago. Meanwhile, Community Shopping Centers reported a vacancy rate of 10.7% for the quarter, which decreased from the rate of 10.9% twelve months ago.

Market Statistics, Dallas, 2015 4Q (Google Earth .kml format)

An interactive geographic file, viewable in Google Earth, containing current submarket statistics, market overview, and a link to the current quarter's Studley Report.  Requires Google Earth to view - available for free here

Market Boundaries - Dallas (PDF)
PDF map showing definition of market boundaries as used in reports
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