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Organizations are increasingly recognizing their real estate to be critical for accelerating business, driving speed-to-market, and engaging top talent. Focused on deeply understanding our clients’ occupant experience, we leverage our workplace research and tools to instill wellness, comfort, connectivity and innovation in the work environment. By helping your organization make more informed, data-driven, and people-centric real estate decisions, workplace research and strategy can maximize your investment at multiple scales.


Our services can be deployed at multiple points throughout the workplace change process.


Pre-Design Research

Evaluate how well your workplace aligns with your business objectives and how a focus on user experience can advance future business.


Change Management

Gauge the capacity for change in the workplace, identify factors impeding change, and roadmap how to enable successful and smooth transitions to new arrangements. Considering the human perception of change is key to carrying it out successfully.


Workplace Guidelines

Provide a guide to the future workplace, including information on space types, amenities, technologies, and intended behaviors, elaborating on how they work, and how they serve as catalysts for improved occupant experience by offering connectivity, comfort, and diversity.


Post Occupancy Evaluation

Assess the success of the new workplace to ensure that new elements are working to achieve your goals for people satisfaction and business success.



A flexible toolkit of methodologies allows us to tailor our approach to the specific needs of your workplace and workforce.


Workplace Analytics

Analyze workplace data, from headcount to HR and facilities information, in order to visualize existing occupant experience, and inform benchmarking, comparison, and space planning recommendations. This quantitative approach reveals experience and use patterns that might otherwise go unseen.



Measure and chart current and emerging real estate trends by industry, geography, and specific market sector. Considering the full breadth of our research in the context of these trends guarantees informed and timely approaches.


Visioning and Leader Interviews

Host sessions or interviews engaging current and next generation business leaders, encouraging an embrace of new approaches to organizational structures and workplace arrangements as means for advancing business, and setting the stage for a successful future workforce.


Workplace Assessment and Employee Experience Surveys

Pose a variety of workplace questions directly to occupants, helping to define the current state of the workplace as lived, and measure progress and readiness for transformation.


Workplace Utilization

Through in-depth engagement with occupants via observation and technological data collection, we provide a clear picture of how your space is actually used. This allows informed recommendations for positively engaging with your people and creating an efficient and enjoyable work environment, ultimately propelling business success.


Focus Groups and Workshops

Host collaborative sessions with occupants to identify roles and work styles. These allow our team to evaluate how best to enable the work patterns of teams and individuals.


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+1 212 326 1075


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